dynasty and Zed Sensations

I am wrapping up showcasing what you will find at the Menswear Fashion Week 2014.  This event will end on Saturday, May 3.  Following is the schedule for the rest of the week:

WEDNESAY April 30th, 2014
11am-12pm SL Wall Street Fashion Show
2-3pm SL iLLMATIC, UNORTHODOX, Akeyo, Feel, !Bravura Homme, J&A Rock Culture Group Show
6-7pm SL Peka’s Design @ MWFW 2014 Fashion Show

FRIDAY May 2nd, 2014
11am-12pm SL Pure Poison @ MWFW 2014 Fashion Show
2-3pm SL Countdown @ MWFW 2014 Fashion Show
6-7pm SL Image Factory @ MWFW 2014 Fashion Show

SATURDAY May 3rd, 2014
11am-12pm SL Faster Pussycat/Velvet Elvis @ MWFW 2014 Fashion Show
12-2pm SL ModeLS Magazine Closing Party
2-3pm SL *just BECAUSE*,Zanze, SORGO, Atelier m+, Cashmere & Keane, Jeepers Creepers, SF Designs Group Show
6-7pm SL Broadway Baby Fashion Show

dynasty has this cool complete outfit that includes the driving cap, Hudson vest with shirt/tie, suspender jeans and Hampton shoes.  You have a variety of colors to choose from for all.

MWFW dynasty  MWFW dynasty 2


Zed Sensations also has a really cool complete outfit – Opportune.  Included are the shirt, vest, jeans and shoes.  A color hud allows changes for the shirt, vest and jeans.  Shoes are included as well.

MWFW Zed Sensations Opportune


MWFW Zed Sensations Opportune 2

MWFW 2014 Logo


dynasty and Zed Sensations at the Menswear Fashion Week 2014

Photos 1&2

Location:  Small Town Green

Poses by Vestige purchased on the Marketplace

Photos 3&4

Location:  Terrace Lounge and Grille Restaurant

Poses by Expressive Adan purchased on the Marketplace




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